The Lair examines the Jair Jurrjens problem

The first follow up to my original description of Craig in his bathrobe and bubble pipe! In this case a look at how Craig analyzes these topics so important to the Brave’s playoff hopes! Link to the original HBT post first.

The picture for this headline is Craig sitting once more in his high chair in full Braves Bathrobe attire, adjusting his specs with one hand while staring at a particular figurine he’s picked up with his other hand from his baseball chess set. The pipe extends from his mouth rigid as if he’s biting on it; it is furiously producing bubbles at a rapid pace. The only thing we can hear is the crackle from the fireplace.

Ruh-roh: Jair Jurrjens is turning into a problem

A fellow baseball fan (die-hard Blue Jays Twins fan) makes a follow up a comment whereby he incorporates the Philly Phanatic rug in front of the fireplace, which of course makes perfect sense! Craig isn’t going to have a bear rug in his fireplace or a moose head on the wall. As suburban kind of guy, he’ll have the Philly Phanatic as his rug in front of the fire! cur68 kopy gets credited for adding this bit of lore to the Lair.

Update: I made a terrible mistake in crediting the source for the Phanatic rug. A good fellow who goes by the handle kopy is the real deal. At least I assume he is a good fellow until proven otherwise.

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