In which the Lair receives an unexpected gift…

Original link to HBT. And here is the follow up:

Craig sits down in his chair tugging his Braves bathrobe and picks up the morning paper. He notices the pipe is tapped out, no more bubbles. He’ll have to refill it later. For now he takes in yesterday’s box scores when he notices a package on his small table. Curious, he settles the paper down on his Phanatic rug and picks it up. He proceeds to unwrap the package and open the box. It’s some kind of bobble-head figure. Perhaps the new Tim Hudson figure he ordered online? He gingerly plucks it out of the box and immediately frowns. Looking back at him with a goofy smile is Ryan Howard with a tag that reads “30 HR, 100 RBI, 6 Years and Countin’ Baby!”. Craig sighs, rolls his eyes muttering “Silly Phans.”

There’s an ongoing debate in the internet as to whether Ryan Howard is really great or not. The funny part is that even Phillies’ fans are divided over Ryan Howard’s actual worth. You can guess what Craig thinks; he often takes jabs at Phillies fans and Ryan Howard is his favorite dead horse to beat on whenever he’s feeling particularly snarky.

This post BTW is the first one written in short fiction form. Going forward this is how the series unfolds.

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