The Lair flashes some hardware

Once again, the link to the original HBT post for context.

Craig adjusted his specs once more. Apparently fans felt a compulsion to send him these things. Right there on his table was another package. Unwrapped. Another box. Another bobble-head figure. Derek Jeter with a tag exclaiming: Most Under appreciated Player Ever. Jeter’s smile was more suave though.

“What shall we do with this one?”, asked Tiffany.

“Deal with it the same way we dealt with the Howard one”, said Craig with a tone that brooked no argument.

Tiffany made a face. “You know, there should be a law against treating baseball figures in that fashion,” she replied.

“When they do we’ll come up with something else,” Craig waved his hand in dismissal and polished his pipe on the arm of his Braves Bathrobe. There was baseball to enjoy this Labor Day Weekend. He pressed a button on the arm of his chair and the huge portrait of the 1995 Braves over the fireplace recessed into the wall to give way to the 70″ LED screen. With super sub-divisions in place he could split the surface into 4×4 screens and have all baseball games on simultaneously if so desired. Though he probably will reserve the middle four squares for whatever game caught his attention. He could always maximize any game to full screen at any time.

Tonight was a good night indeed for watching Baseball…

This post is more of a follow up to the Ryan Howard one and is probably just as much a pet peeve for Craig as the Ryan Howard one is. Thus begins our penchant for throwing in baseball figure bobble heads into our series and visiting upon them mysterious forms of violence from time to time.

Also for the first time we expand upon the nature of the lair and the huge 70″ LED zuper-zcreen makes its first appearance. As does the portrait of the 1995 Braves Championship Baseball Team (which I have no idea if it actually exists…)


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