The Lair is quite Chipper!

Here is the link to the original HBT post.

“Thank you for joining me for the next HBT Daily Chipper, it’s a huge honor to have you here in my lair…err… studio.” Craig crossed his legs and puffed his bubble pipe a few times for effect. The bathrobe reflected a nice little sheen having been recently cleaned.

“Thank you Craig, I must say it’s an honor for me to be invited to HBT. I’m a fan and I always check this site every morning,” Chipper was in “civilian clothes” but his equipment bag was ready at his feet, he was catching a super-sonic private flight to Philly within the hour. “I must say you look quite elegant in that Braves bathrobe with the specs and the pipe. Quite the baseball gentleman look you have going.”

“Why thank you Chipper, it’s also very comfortable for watching baseball games. I know you have little time so let’s get to the heart of the matter. Braves-Phillies. The Post-Season. You think the Braves have a shot?”

“Of course, they’re a nice ball-club but not invincible. Plus if their fans keep interfering in ball games that just increases our WPA, know what I mean?”.

Craig gave a chuckle and a few bubbles. Glancing at the master status screen, he noted with satisfaction that the twitter traffic sky-rocketed with indignant Philly fans posting the many ways Craig and Chipper will meet their demise. It was just too easy. “If there’s one reason you think the Braves will be successful this post-season what would it be?”

“No more Conrad”, answered Chipper. Both of them roared in shared laughter that almost reduced them to tears.

Tiffany took the opportunity to interject: “You should see what he did to his Conrad bobble-head figure. Twice as bad as what he did to the Howard and Jeter one.”

“Tiffany, we agreed we would not speak again of the incident in question,” declared Craig in a serious huff. Tiffany tried to hide her amused smile with a hand but still winked at Chipper anyway. The future Hall-of-Famer stood up. “Well Craig, time’s up. It’s been fun but you know I have places to go, baseball teams to beat, fans to rile up.”

“You do that so well Chipper. First the Mets, now the Phillies.”

“Hey I learned it from the best Craig. And that’s you. Truly, YOU are the Master Baiter,” said Chipper with a grave tone and walked out of the room.

Craig puffed another few bubbles with pride. “Why yes I am thank you- wait, what?” Did Chipper just bait… HIM? The man was pure genius! Just one more thing to do.

“Tiffany, I want to edit that last part out before we publish on the site.”

This was a fun write up because it aludes to the fact that Craig likes to rile up Philly fans. Many a fan and even the media have been overbearing in recent years. Craig finds it amusing and it’s relatively easy to make fun of some aspects of the Phillies and cause an uproar. Some Phillies fans are convinced Craig hates the Phillies and get on his case for not declaring them the best thing since Babe Ruth. Craig isn’t a dummy or a hater. He can recognize the quality of baseball the Phillies play but still socffs at the way some fans and the media just go overboard. Chris Fiorentino has commented that Craig has become so adept at fan baiting that he anointed him with the title of Master, as in the Master Baiter. 😉

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