The Lair must deal with overbearing Phans

Here is the link to the original HBT post.

Craig’s twitter feed was a firestorm as the Phillies’ Phans mercilessly taunted him. And why not? Their team had just given his Braves a beating. The latest bobble-head caricature to arrive at his table was Cliff Lee with a smirk on his face and a tag that read “Scared Yet?”. Craig rolled his eyes. They were amusing enough when something went awry in Phillies nation and you could needle them for it. But they became so insufferable when the shoe was on the other foot. All’s fair in love and baseball he supposed. The hazards of his profession. He gave them points for passion.

Nevertheless in the grand scheme of things yesterday’s game was meaningless. It was not the objective of the Braves to topple the Phillies for the Division. Their focus was on the postseason. He adjusted his bathrobe and took his pipe in his hand walking towards the 70″ LED frame above his fireplace. After another button press a situation screen displayed the standings, the schedules, the expected results, the win-loss percentages and probabilities of teams and key players making the post-season. All of this assorted information was running through in cycles showing him the most important results!

He chewed on his pipe a bit puffing a bubble or two when he got a call from Tiffany. He pressed another button and her face appeared on an inset of his master screen.

“Hi Craig! Ready to do HBT Daily?”, she said with a warm smile.

“Always my dear Tiffany.” as he returned the smile with one of his own.

Tiffany then seemed to focus on something behind him and frowned. “Craig why do you have a blowtorch next to what looks like a Derek Lowe bobble-head?”

Silly him! He forgot to put those away. He casually pushed the items from the camera’s POV while replying: “Oh nothing really. Pay no attention, just perusing my collection in the morning…”

This one can be considered a follow up to the Chipper post. It also reflects Craig’s rather wry observation about Chipper not being scared of the Phillies because he wasn’t in the line-up to go through the 9-2 thrashing. And of course Derek Lowe has been something of a thorn the Braves can’t figure out how to fix or what do with. There are reports that the Braves unsuccessfully tried to foist him on another team.

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