The Lair tries out a new system

The original post on HBT is here.

Schubert was playing in the background. Craig, in his bathrobe and bubble pipe extending to the side of his mouth, was lost in the music as he used his gloves on the Spatial Operating Interface mode his 70″ LED screen supported. Dozens of holographic images slid across the screen as his hands worked and manipulated the images of a baseball game. Discarding one image and moving others, putting the scene together. On two separate inset head shots, Tiffany and Aaron were watching, somewhat puzzled.

“When did he install this?”, asked Tiffany. “I don’t have a clue,” said Aaron.

“I just wanted to show off my new Baseball PreCog system,” said Craig. “As you can see, tonight’s game has Carpenter going strong for 6 innings before being tagged for a couple of runs in the 7th breaking the 0-0 tie. Karsten is also pitching pretty well up to this point and will be adequately relieved. LaRussa continues to put in extra fielders and pinch hitters, pinch runners, but can only stave off the inevitable. The game will end with a 3-1 Pittsburgh Pirates victory. It’s amazing how the more LaRussa manages the more certain his defeat becomes. He must actually believe he has free will.”

“So this is what you meant when you said you weren’t panicking at the Brave’s recent slump?, asked Aaron.

“The Cardinals don’t have the moxie to pull off this kind of upset,” answered Craig in a matter of fact kind of tone.

One more image popped up. One of Pujols at the plate. Tiffany pointed at it. “Hey Craig, is that Pujols hitting a grand slam in the 9th?”

Craig frowned and nearly dropped his pipe. He looked at the offending image and with one flick of the finger the zipped it off the screen to his left. “Pay no attention to that, it’s the minority report.”

Tony LaRussa is infamous for micro-managing his teams and his baseball games, but lately it seems like a pre-ordained affair that the more moves he makes the more likely he is to lose a game. The HBT post also links to a pretty good article on the subject. Craig of course currently thinks Pujols is a jackass, so the closing scene is appropriate given our series progression.

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