The Lair uses sophisticated Tech for Replay

The link to the original HBT post.

Craig was snoring softly in his chair when he woke up with a start. “What? Where? Who?”. He reached for his specs which had fallen of his face and noticed his pipe on the floor on top of his Phanatic rug. He looked at his 70″ LED screen and checked the time… 4:44am… time to write today’s ATH… but blast he fell asleep while watching the Orioles – Yankees game! Stupid rain delays…

“Damn you Aquaman!!!! Damn you to hell!!!” he declared righteously. Morning silliness completed, he pressed a button on his chair and all of the lastest MLB highlights began playing on his screen simultaneously…so much to write about… Hey the Cervelli Homerun…was it a homerun?

“Computer!”, he intoned. “Freeze frame at time code 131230 on screen 5.” The small screen was frozen and immediately enlarged to encompass the whole LED frame. Craig raised his pipe to his mouth. Soft Vangelis music started playing in the background. He stood up and stepped closer to his screen.

“Enhance 34 to 46″, he said. The Screen complied by enlarging a particular screen section of the still shot.

“Pull back”. The screen obediently stared zooming back in small increments…

“Wait a minute … go right”. The screen now started panning.

“Stop”. The screen froze, awaiting further command.

“Enhance 57, 19″, the screen enlarged an even smaller grid on the screen where the fans and the wall were shown.

“Track 45 left…Stop!”. It still wasn’t a great angle.

“Enhance 15 to 23″, the screen dutifully enlarged that particular section which now had just about the best angle he could obtain on the wall, the ball and the interfering fans.

“Gimme a hard-copy right there”. a slot in the wall printed out a photograph of the enhanced section. Craig plucked it and stared intently…

This one pretty much wrote itself. Wouldn’t we all like to have similar tech from Bladerunner to zuper-zoom and get impossible angles from still photography to hunt out the smallest clues? And no, I have no idea if Craig was dreaming of unicorns in this scene…


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