The Lair contemplates the Mo event

The original HBT post is here.

Craig walked into the room, flicking off a piece of lint from his Braves Bathrobe and adjusting it before sitting down on his high chair. The bubble pipe lay casually on its stand on the side table as Craig picked it up and puffed a few bubbles. As part of his morning ritual he pressed the button on his chair that activated his 70″ LED screen. The magnificent portrait of the 1995 Championship Braves recessed into the wall giving way to the display. One more button press later and the screen split into 16 frames showing highlights of yesterday’s games. It was quite an effort to keep up but Craig merely scanned and absorbed the information like a plant soaks up sunlight…not that he gets much sunlight down here anyway.

He paused to set down his pipe and noted a package on his side table. In what has become a routine now he opened this package expecting yet another baseball figure from some homer fan trying to make some obnoxious and ridiculous point. To his surprise a Mariano Rivera bobble head greeted him with a relaxed somber expression, his tag read: “600 saves, but really, who’s counting?”.

Craig set the figure on the table and sat back on his chair contemplating it in silence while settling into the Gendo Pose; hands covering the mouth with fingers interlocking and specs brightly reflecting the light of his lamp hiding his eyes completely. Then he sat up straight and declared: “You shall be spared the fate of your colleagues.”

Then he turned to the other table with two more bobble heads: Brett Myers and J.A. Happ: “I knew they traded for the wrong Astros! The Braves would have plastered Philly by now.”

If you don’t get the reference, you haven’t seen Neon Genesis Evangelion. How many times have you seen an antagonist or mastermind do the contemplation thing with his hands in TV or movies? Mariano Rivera has reached 600 saves! Only one other pitcher has managed to save as many games. Yet he’s so impressive he makes the milestone look more like preordained event than an accomplishment. You don’t get the sense Mariano struggled to reach that number, it was… inevitable. The man is dominant in the regular season AND the post-season!

Other phun phacts: the only other closer with a saves success rate nearly as high as Mariano Rivera in the post-season is… Brad Lidge… yes THAT Brad Lidge. Though I’m willing to bet he’d just malign that record if given the opportunity to saves any more games in the post-season, quit while you’re ahead Brad…

And well, there’s something about the Astros, no matter how bad they suck they seem to trip Philly all the time, and with former Phillies no less!

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