The Lair shows its support!

Original HBT post here:


Craig gleefully soaked up the scorn from the internet by the many offended Philly fans. He sat back on his high chair, adjusted his Braves bathrobe and puffed a few bubbles from his pipe. Truthfully, there’s very little correlation in the statistics of a regular season record and post season success, but after a few days of sulking Craig realized he hadn’t posted something to really put the phan’s panties in a wad. They were as easy as ever to bait on the web. Surely this would raise the morale of the flagging Braves fans on HBT. He should have done this during the 8 game slide the Phillies suffered, but of course he was distracted by the Braves slow collapse. He guessed he should thank the Baseball Gods the everyone was focused on the Red Sox and not the team from Atlanta!

Now he would give a great show of support to his team. The Craig Blimp had sortied a number of hours ago and should be arriving at Turner field this very moment. He activated the display as the portrait above the fireplace recessed into the wall (Perhaps a miracle will allow him to add another portrait this year?). He called Tiffany and her head appeared on a corner of the screen, inset of the larger view his cameras offered of the stadium.

“Is everything ready Tiffany?”, Craig asked.

Tiffany wore a concerned expression on her face. “Yes Craig, but don’t you think this is a bit much? I mean the Blimp showing ‘Go Braves’ is great but the music blaring from its speakers over the stadium is sort of an overkill.”

“Nonsense, Flight of the Valkyries is perfect music for this occasion,” he answered while he picked up his glass filled with his finest bourbon. He took a deep sniff from the glass. “I love the smell of bourbon before game time… it smells like, Victory!”


I find it amazing how many Phillies fans take Craig’s needling posts so seriously calling him a hater and generally ten different kinds of scum. The man has already said that if they put a gun to his head and told to pick a team to win it all he’d pick the Phillies. But he’s right that sometimes the media is overbearing so a little good natured ribbing is always fun to keep things in perspective. Really, I think only the Red Sox have a more obnoxious media, which is bad because it tends to give good Red Sox fans a bad name!

The Braves, having lost yesterday, got a reprieve from the Astros’ late night heroics. Two more games to go, one game Wild Card lead, a St. Louis loss or an Atlanta victory will guarantee a tie breaker game this Thursday. Hold on to your seats. This ain’t over yet!

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