The Lair had a WILD night!

Here is the original HBT post. But really, you should check out his twitter feed! Hilarious.

It was a wild night! Lots of highs, lots of lows, unexpected twists. It was a showdown for the ages. Except the Braves came off the wrong side of it. Craig had spent the night in his Lair watching the playoff games on his massive screen. His twitter feed chirped constantly all night; he received so many messages it was impossible to keep up so he stopped trying.

He cheered when Uggla homered off Hamels! Cursed when Wilson couldn’t field Ruiz’s grounder cleanly. Cheered again when they got the double play in the next at bat. Cursed again when Utley got the sac fly. And he almost fell off his high chair with that mammoth blast that Martinez had to snag running into deep center. And then of course he tried to pull the non-existent hair on his head when Freddi pitched to Hunter Pence with men on first and third with two outs in the 13th. The result was predictable, it was too much! He pretty much tuned out the world then and there…

Tiffany and Drew made it to the Lair, they hadn’t heard from Craig all morning and were starting to get worried. The scene inside was quite a spectacle. All sorts of various snacks and bowls and drinks were strewn all over the place. Craig was slumped in his high chair, in a daze, sort of a shock. His Braves Bathrobe quite disheveled. The bubble pipe clinging to his bottom lip, long since run out of bubbles. Even the Phanatic Rug was out of place, as if Craig had wrestled with it in frustration at some point last night. On the screen the massive 70″ LED display showed a specific play, in a loop, over and over again. Hunter Pence hitting the seeing-eye single into shallow right field behind first base and Dan Uggla struggling and stumbling over the ball trying to get to it and record an out (ANY out) and failing to do so…

“Wow! This is worse than I thought. You know he kind of looks like Jimmy Fallon in that movie about the Red Sox.” said Drew, while ogling the scene.

Tiffany merely frowned. “Help me pick him up. After all, we still need him to cover the post-season…”

Yesterday was one of the best nights in Baseball, bar none. Of course St. Louis kind of ruined it by totally smacking the Astros. I guess the Astros forgot to read the script that said they were supposed to come charging back and make it a ball game, like 8-7 or 9-8 in extra innings, not the 8-0 shutout. There were plenty of highs and lows in that Atlanta game. Ultimately I think the Braves were trying to win it on a home run in extra innings. Lots of big swinging misses by Chipper and Uggla. You only need one run, I think it’s more important to get guys on base and put pressure on the pitcher than trying to pull a Dan Johnson…who by the way homered to tie the Yankees-Rays game in the bottom of the 9th, two outs and two strikes.

The AL was much more intense and super wild. Fortunes see-sawed in like 10 minutes. At one moment the Yankees were up 7-0 and the Sox were holding steady at 3-2, they seemed in control with great contributions from the likes of Scutaro. But then came the rain to wash away their post-season. The Rays clawed back. I remember watching the updates on the Atlanta Game. 1st and 2nd 0 outs, 7-0 Yankees. Bases loaded 0 outs, 7-0 Yankees. Bases loaded 0 outs Yankess 7-1. Bases loaded 0 outs Yankess 7-2. I was like: “What the heck is going on there?”. Later it was, 1st and 2nd 2 outs, 7-3. So I thought: “Well the Rays aren’t going down without a fight but the Yankees seem to have controlled the damage. One commercial later and bam: 7-6! I was watching extra-innings Phillies-Braves, they kept cutting to the St. Louis visitor clubhouse and getting news from TLR.

I saw the final moments of Rays-Yankees and Sox-Orioles and couldn’t believe it! Within minutes of each game both teams fortunes spiraled in exactly the opposite direction. I wonder what the WPA graphs from those games look like. No question the AL games were more intense.

The Braves-Phillies game was intense but with St. Louis leading early and securing their win long before the other 3 games were done it took a chunk out of the NL wild card race. But it was still interesting. I’m still confused as to why Freddi pitched to Hunter Pence in the 13th when he had already given him an intentional walk in a previous inning (though that one came AFTER Utely stole the bag and left 1st wide open with a 3-1 count). The world may never know.


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