The Lair is asking for suggestions

The fine folks at HBT are requesting feedback for their live-blog and chat sessions for the playoff games! I will dutifully report the happenings at the Lair as the suggestions keep rolling in…

Craig finished posting his feedback column and looked at the first comment and nearly dropped his bubble pipe. A fan was suggesting Tiffany should do a belly dance in a live stream feed from the Lair in between innings. No. No. One thousand times no! Delete! Delete! Delete!

Apparently people want to comment more. Craig made several notes when he spotted another suggestion: Karaoke in the 7th inning stretch? Now how was Craig supposed to organize that over the internet?!?!?

There were some fresh ideas in there, it was a matter of picking the right ones. Craig refilled his bubble pipe and updated the page. What? Invite the SQUIRREL from the Phillies-Cardinals games? Was that fan serious?

Jessica Alba and Tiffany Simons belly dance duo. No. No. Two Thousand times no! Delete! Delete! Delete!

Get Terry Francona to cover the the live chat/live blog combo. If only they could pry him away from ESPN…

Some fans were clamoring for more… interaction… he was unsure how to take that and in what spirit.

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