The Lair is interrupted!

The original HBT post is here.


“Hi Craig! Are you ready for the next HBT Extra?”, Tiffany smiled, as always from the screen. Her picture was in one corner of his screen.

“Ready as always Tiffany”, Craig answered. “As a matter of fact-”. Craig was interrupted by a huge growl that seemed to come from the air ducts. Tiffany’s face morphed into one of concern and confusion.

“What was that?”, she asked.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Craig answered. “That’s just a Troll. They come around from time to time growl and move on.”

“Aren’t those dangerous? Shouldn’t you do something about it?”

“No, no, my dear Tiffany. That’s precisely what they crave: Attention. This is perhaps the only type of problem that does go away if you ignore it.”

“But what if it’s hungry? Won’t it try to eat you?”

“No, no. Of course not. You never ever feed Trolls Tiffany. Trust me, it will be gone of its own accord soon enough.”

Then an altogether different interruption occurred. His screen was overridden by an outside source and a specter of an image appeared on his display. A figure cowled in black, face disfigured in contortions and shadows. Partially hidden by its hood it spoke thus:

“This. Is. Selig. Labor negotiations are on schedule. Expanded playoffs will be ready within one year, two at most. Crane hasn’t convinced the league… yet. Wilpon had better not fail us… as McCourt has failed us, we are most displeased with McCourt. My retirement is… on schedule. That. Is. All.”

The signal terminated and Tiffany’s picture returned. “What was THAT?”

Craig, put his bubble pipe in his mouth and somberly observed, “On the other hand, some Trolls, CAN’T be ignored…”


The only serious critique I have of Selig is this refusal to get with the program and expand instant replay meaningfully. This whole, human element, tradition and what not is so much B.S. Baseball has already been altered fundamentally by technology and society. Athletes are free agents. They have far more preparation, better nutrition and training than before. The game has seen the mound changed and altered. The Postseason has no bearing to what it was 100 hundred years. If Baseball were still two leagues and a single pennant, the Phillies and Yankees would be squaring off right now in the World Series. From a purely traditional perspective one might argue that instead of all these playoff teams in reality all divisions should be collapsed. Everyone should have a balanced schedule and the top teams of each league face off in a chess-like 13 game series to determine which team is the best in baseball. This means whoever wins 7 games is the champ. So tradition is already out the window when TV ratings dictate how the post-season is played. If you’re marketing a product for the masses is it not in your best interest to put the best possible product out there?


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