The Lair must arbitrate Theo!

And we wake this morning finding out there is some friction regarding the Theo to Chicago deal.

A fantastic set of games yesterday. Post-season baseball is living up to the hype. Cabrera and his lucky bounce. Wolf pitching like the Wolf of yore. Drama, excitement. Yankees eliminated, Phillies eliminated. The only thing that would have made it better was having the Braves in the NLCS.

Craig watched the highlights and prepared more notes for HBT Extra. He hoped Tiffany came back soon. It’s just not the same without her to sound ideas off. They were a team. Kind of like Albert and Costello. His screen beeped. Craig checked his messages and let out a sigh. It was Ricketts and Henry. Why on Earth did he accept to be the arbitrator for these two? Theo owed him big! It’s the last time he did that guy a favor!

I’m just wondering how regulated these dealings are. In my ignorance I get the impression that teams just wing it. I mean, when it comes to trading baseball players and dealing compensation, a lot of rules seem to be spelled out regarding when to trade, availability and so forth. But this year we’ve seen a Manager trade and now what seems to be a General Manager trade. Which seems kind of odd on the face of it since it’s almost like saying IBM is trying to get compensation from Apple because their director of operations has decided to switch jobs.

The crux of the matter are the contracts. Theo is still under contract with the Red Sox even though Theo has given his resignation. This type of contract is one of those guaranteed contracts, meaning Theo gets paid regardless of any change in job status (Actually this is a severe oversimplification, I’m certain there are clauses that allow the Sox to declare breach of contact and terminate Theo without paying another dime). Similar to the Ozzie situation when he still had one more year to manage the White Sox. Looking at it from this angle, it makes perfect sense. Like baseball players, they have signed people to work for them and given them guaranteed money over a fixed length of time. If these people want to leave (or you want to get rid of them) you have two choices: suck it up and just pay the remainder of the contract or seek compensation from the new employers who are, basically, BUYING that contract.

Man, I wish I had a 5 year contract…

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