The Lair goes Young!

Craig’s original outburst here.


Arlington Texas, 8:23 AM EST (East Coast Bias!). A massive shadow was cast in the city as the Craig Blimp positioned itself strategically to be visible to most of the people moving about in the morning commute (Impossible really, it just picked a random spot with lots of people). The screen on the side lit up and Craig’s visage stared down at them:

“People of Arlington. Rangers Fans. Sports Writers. Lend me your ears! Michael Young is a fine ballplayer and still shows flashes of great baseball. But seriously, cut down the love fest. He’s not Derek Jeter! He has flaws! Stop sweeping them under the rug! He’s not a baseball Messiah!”

In the Lair Craig switched off the Transmission and the Blimp began its trek towards St. Louis. On his 70″ LED Tiffany’s face appeared with a bemused expression.

“Craig! Are you fighting with bloggers and sports writers again?”, she asked.

“They started it!”, he said defensively. “I am Baseball’s Great Defender! I must call people out on their BS when I see it, it’s my duty to the best sport in the world.”

“And you haven’t considered that you might be going a bit overboard? A blog post would have sufficed.”

Craig bit on his bubble pipe. He puffed a bubble or two considering the matter and then polished the pipe on his Braves Bathrobe.

“No”, he declared. “It’s not enough! In the struggle for Baseball Integrity no effort must be spared to set the record straight.”

“Well, I have to admire your zeal,” she said as her image winked out. Craig pressed a button and his display showed Sections of the morning press in Texas: newspapers, weekly periodicals, blogs, twitter, fan sites. All the articles spewing ridiculous adoration for Michael Young. He would set them straight. At Any Cost…


While my parody is an exaggeration (only a bit really) Craig does sometimes seem to get carried away into these baseball arguments. I tend to agree with him in principle: Michael Young seems to get a pass from the press regarding some of his previous behavior that would deem him unprofessional in other places (like say New York or Boston). On the other hand I don’t know how bad these events have really turned out. Have they been blown out of proportion? Of course comparing him to Jeter [thanks for the link Craig!] is a bit nonsensical from any kind of statistical viewpoint. In any case, you have to admire how Craig keeps his cool and professional tone in these arguments.

If I seem to be posting less frequently workload and a long weekend trip have cut into blogging time. But the Lair does have a finale in store, it’s not ALL random you know…

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