The Lair is throwing a name into the Hat

Who is replacing La Russa?


Craig was following the recent flurries of off-season moves. Soon all options had to be exercised or declined by midnight. His 70″ LED screen actively showed him videos and internet news snippets of the action and announcements as they made headlines. Then he saw one that made him jump up from his high chair! His bubble pipe almost dropped and the bathrobe was disheveled in the process.

Tony La Russa was retiring! A Major event! A corner of his screen activated.

“Craig, have you seen the news? La Russa is retiring!”, said Tiffany.

“I just found out! It’s incredible! Out of the blue!”, exclaimed Craig.

“I wonder who will replace him. Those are some major shoes to fill”

Craig mused on this for a few moments and then his face lit up. “Why not me?”

“You Craig?” said Tiffany while making a face.

“Of course. La Russa and I share some commonalities.”

“This, I have to hear.” Tiffany settled her face on her open palm wearing a very amused expression.

“We both trained to be lawyers and then moved on to the business of Baseball later in life.”

“Of course! How could I miss the obvious,” said Tiffany, holding her head in mock surprise.

“Stop looking stupefied my dear and get John Moz on the line. I will make him a offer… he can’t refuse.”


This was a quite a surprise! But if you’re going to walk away, this is the best time to do so. While La Russa has won before I imagine at some point you’ve done it all so many times that it can wear you down. On the other hand La Russa may regret his decision and try to come back next year. We’ll see. If anything I’m willing to bet he’ll wear Cardinal Red for the All-Star game. I mean, miss an opportunity to have a bullpen the size of an entire active MLB Roster and put in like three pitchers per inning? He’s probably salivating at the prospect!

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