The Lair turns down a Job Offer

I posted this here. Though really, the ongoing saga can be seen here, here, here, here and here.


Craig listened patiently to the figure on his 70″ LED screen. His bathrobe had a shiny plush feel after a good wash and his pipe was practically puffing bubbles on its own. This interview process had been going on already for a about an hour. But now it was time to end it. His caller had finished and waited expectantly for an answer.

“Well Pete – I can call you Pete right? – you make a compelling case, however after mulling it over for the last half an hour or so, I must respectfully decline your offer to be GM of the Orioles.”

Peter Angelos’s wore a crestfallen face as yet another candidate turned down his job offer.

“But cheer up, someone will be working with you soon. You have a shown a lot of class and have obviously taken the time to make a standout offer. But what’s best for me and my family and MLB is that I continue keeping my watchful eye on Baseball from the sanctity of my Lair. You never know when the sport might go astray. Seriousl,y without me, this whole industry would just collapse in on itself.”

Before cutting off Angelos he bit on his bubble pipe and said: “Besides, I’m still hoping to get an interview in St. Louis to manage the Cardinals, why won’t John return my calls?”, he shook his head in frustration. Pete appreciated his talent why not Mozeliak?


I can only comment that it seems very odd for baseball executives to turn down a job of which there are only 30 positions at any given time. The Orioles ownership has to have a seriously bad rep. Usually owners turn down prospective GMs, not the other way around.

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