The Lair adds a new entry into Webster’s

Aaron Gleeman reported on the official numbers at HBT but Craig came up with the right adjective to describe this contract: Papelbonian


And Craig pushed the button the sent his post to HBT. His new favorite adjective this winter was now Papelbonian: used to describe contracts that paid way too much money for way too many years for certain players.

“Besides it rolls nicely in a phrase, what do you think Cinco Ocho?” he asked rhetorically as he reached for his bubble pipe sitting next to the Jonathan Papelbon bobblehead. It arrived this morning on his side table still in boston uniform but some … err.. Phanatic … had dressed it in a Philies jersey and put a cloth cap on it to disguise it. The tag read: CINCO OCHO RULZ

Jeez, can’t they wait for the Phillie Merchandising machine to go into action? Speaking of which he glanced at the Ryan Madson bobblehead next to Papelbon that looked quite tragic with a tag reading: ET TU RUBE?

“Not to worry Ryan, you’ll get your Papelbonian contract soon enough. On the bright side it could have been the Madsonian contract we could have subjected everyone to this Winter…


And I thought Closers were already massively overpaid. It’s ridiculous. At some point something’s gotta give. For now though I guess we’ll have use red finger paint to turn 46 into 58. Oh and Antonio Bastardo is going to have to shop for a new number too. I’m not sure how that works, how much say do players have into what uniform numbers they wear if someone else is wearing their favorite number? I know ballplayers are a superstitious lot…

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