The Lair proposes A New Order…

Craig positively gushes at the idea of a Molina playing on every MLB team.


Craig called Tiffany and her face appeared on his 70″ LED screen. She was looking at some notes on her PDA. They exchanged the usual pleasantries and got to business quickly:


“Craig are you going to mention the Catcher market in our next HBT Extra?”, she asked.


“Mention? Heck, I’m going to ADDRESS it directly. I find it unfortunate that we have so few quality catchers in the market this season. I’ve started a new project to solve this problem. As a matter of fact this initiative will kill two birds with one stone. I’ve sent you an email with my presentation.”


Tiffany checked her PDA again and her eyebrows started climbing on her face.


“You want to get DNA samples from the Molinas? You’re going to CLONE them? So this is what you’ve been spending your time on since Matheny was named the Cardinal’s manager?”


“I’ve gotten over that slight. Moz will make it up to me. Back to the situation at hand. So great are the Molinas that I find it a travesty that not all 30 baseball teams have been blessed with their excellence and performance. We can provide the market with much needed quality backstops and further the goal of Molina dominance over MLB.”


Craig sat down in his high chair, placed his bubble pipe on his stand, brushed the sleeves of his bathrobe and crossed his hands into the finger pyramid of evil contemplation.


“Just think, I’ll have my own personal Molina Clone Army…” he said in a low sinister voice…


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