The Lair grows weary…

Hopefully the Cubs will stir the free agent pot!

Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock.

Craig, looked at his clock, then he settled in his high chair, adjusting the collar of his Braves bathrobe (recently cleaned BTW) and taking the bubble pipe that sat on the tray on top of the side table. He pressed a button on his arm rest and the 1995 Championship Braves Team picture recessed into his wall.

Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock.

Chewing on his bubble pipe and puffing a few he watched as his brand new 71″ LED screen (he replaced the old one, hey you gotta take advantage of Black Friday!) brightened and started displaying the portraits of the top major league baseball free agents that were in the market.

Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock.

Video played of C.J. Wilson climbing down a plane to meet with Miami front office bigwigs. Men in Black surrounded the plane like secret service agents. Really, C.J is full of himself… Besides Miami has met with EVERYBODY it’s hard to see what they’re really about.

Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock.

More videos streamed into sections of the various other agents, some relatively minor but could be impact players, like Mark Buerhle. The top targets: Prince Fielder, Jose Reyes, Jimmy Rollins, and of course the crown jewel Albert Pujols. Everyo

ne thought that with the Papelbon signing things would pick up. But the Hot Stove season has been as cold as the Grinch’s heart so far (Gotta love watching those early Christmas specials with the kids).

Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock.

That’s it! He’s had it! He stood up and berated the screen with the big stars playing baseball. “Well come on already! Sign somewhere! I’m bored as hell, Yu Darvish won’t do anything until he’s divorced, I already milked the new CBA for all its worth and we’ve been driven to post trade rumors about Andrew McCutchen. Feed me Seymore! Feed Me!”, Craig implored the screen as he sank to his knees making clawing gestures at the display…

Naturally I exaggerate, while the off season has been slow, there are always dead periods. Usually after the winter meetings negotiations pick up steam. But last year we were spoiled by the tug of war between the Yankees and the Rangers to sign Cliff Lee (who eventually signed with the Phillies).  We probably expected to hear noise and gossip on offers for Pujols, just about the biggest potential free agent signing of all time. But the market has greeted Albert with a resounding thud.
He really has become a free agent at the wrong time. The Yankees are committed to Texeira and the Sox traded for and ultimately extended Adrian Gonzalez. The Phillies are committed to Ryan Howard. Miami apparently made an offer that Pujols laughed off, crumpled the paper in his hand and threw it to the garbage.
The Dodgers and Mets are a financial mess, so they won’t be bidding for top free agents. That leaves… the Cubs? My gut feeling tells me that while Albert can afford to wait until Christmas, if he has nothing good on the table by the New Year he might as well resign with the Cardinals for whatever they’ll give him. Maybe Pujols should have had Scott Boras for an agent instead of Dan Lozano…

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