The Lair is bidding for Pujols! Heck the Marlins are doing it right?

Craig is at the winter meetings trying to recruit Albert for the braves. Can’t the blame the guy for trying right?


Craig was sitting in the conference room at the head of the table, to his left sat Dan Lozano. The Winter Meetings were now a day old and a flurry of activity regarding free agents was being tossed around up, down, left and right. One had to move fast in this town to secure top talent! Craig set down his bubble pipe and concluded his presentation after sliding a folder to Dan.

“As you can see Danny, we’re quite serious about having Al on board. The Marlins may be doing ten years, but heck we’ll give him twenty. Ten on the field and ten more in the dugout as Manager. With deferred money in secure investments through 2036. You can’t lose.”

Dan took the folder, looking a bit uncomfortable and confused. And finally said: “Ok, I’m not exactly sure who you are or what team you represent, but why the heck are you wearing a bathrobe and why is your pipe spewing bubbles?”


Kidding aside, I would have said a few weeks ago that Craig was a likely to land a deal for Albert Pujols as the Marlins were likely to make a genuine competitive offer for the guy. Having signed Jose Reyes and Heath Bell. We’re now left looking like those academic goofs who chortled and mocked the young guy for being pretentious and ambitious but now chuckle nervously and say: oookayyy, so  maybe he IS the real deal…

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