The Lair suits up for the Last Day of the Winter Meetings

Craig is reporting in from the last day of the Winter Meetings.


Craig prepped in front of his mirror, looking sharp in a tuxedo (with a Braves pin on the lapel). The 4 room suite was merely adequate (the TV was barely 60″ and NO voice commands! ugh!). Too bad Tiffany wasn’t available but NBC Sports sent a contractor from a security firm, a short chubby guy that was looking harried as he set up everything from his bag.

“Sir,” he said. “It’s all ready. The briefcase has a hidden camera and voice recorder that can be activated by the side button on the left here. The sensitivity is good enough that within a ten foot radius you should be able to get details from low voice conversations and whispers.”

Craig took the brief. “Should be handy as I listen in on the Theos, Alexes, Sandies and Rubens of the world.”

“This watch has a tracking device. The transmitter is this small pin.” He handed the pin to Craig.

“I’ll probably stick it on Lozano, gotta keep track of this sleaze. Safer than trying to track Pujols directly.”

“And your specs have been upgraded with a limited zoom capability.”

“That will be handy as I try to get any contract details and specifics on any pieces of paper people might be carrying or set on a conference room. This is all good.”

“Sir, I’m still confused, are you doing some sort of government work?”

“Government?” Craig had a hearty chuckle. “No my good man, I’m doing something far more important. I’m heading to the last day of the Baseball Winter Meetings.”


What? Craig going out without his Braves Bathrobe and Pipe? Well he has to fit in at least one day at the winter meetings. The Bathrobe and Pipe would be too conspicuous to allow him to get near the scoop (Not that the Tuxedo will help all that much). A lot of activity in Dallas if you’ve been following HBT at all. To me the weirdest thing is the Mets spending money on Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco, this dynamic duo was not terribly good for Toronto in high leverage situations (No Batman and Robin). I’m sure their numbers suggest they are better than they are perceived to be but from a cost point of view are the Mets that lacking in farm depth to field a decent bullpen? Were there no better options? They at least did trade for Ramirez, so that’s good. But for a non-contending team there had to be a better way to build a better bullpen.

Of course the big scoop is Albert Pujols. Cardinals or Marlins? Stay Tuned! (To HBT!)

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