The Lair does some marine research

Craig was intrigued today by one of Logan Morrison’s tweets!


He looked at his calendar and let out a sigh. He couldn’t believe it was still January. Sitting back and relaxing on his high chair, bubble pipe in hand, Craig looked off into the distance while listening to squeaks, chitters and squawks that sounded downright cetacean. On the 71″ LED screen, the ultra smart display was cataloging the sounds and trying to match it against all known seafaring animal species.

It was lot like those TV series when police ran their fingerprint recognition software and the display would sort through a bunch of files with known criminals at great speed. The difference here was the “fingerprint” was the sound and the display was going through a large number of marine mammals, crustaceans, fish, etc.

On the corner of the screen was Tiffany who had called in a couple of minutes ago to say hi and Happy New Year. She had a puzzled expression on her face.

“Are you listening to dolphins or something Craig?”

“Not quite, I believe it’s a Marlin…”

“That doesn’t make sense Craig.”

His TV stopped and announced a match, with all sorts of highlights and a long beep. It stopped at Ozzie Guillen’s face. “On the contrary, the Marlin is question is the Manager. That’s what he sounds like when he’s deprived of his more colorful vocabulary. Morrison is right, it’s not really possible to separate the man from his invective and make any sense of out what’s left!”

“Slow day Craig?”

Craig looked at his calendar again…


People may find Ozzie’s constant use of profanity entertaining and chuckling. I find it embarrassing and stupid. Of all Venezuelans to become the first MLB Manager from my country of birth it HAD to be him. Well it’s par for the course this century.


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