The Lair hatches a plot!

Maybe it was the headline that inspired me today.

Craig paced back on forth on the Phanatic rug, puffing bubbles through his pipe. He had the air of man impatient to be getting on with something. His tightened up his bathrobe as the call he was waiting for finally came in on his LED TV display.

“So did you go over the proposal?”, he asked without bothering to look at the screen.

“Craig, I wish you would stop including me in your nutty plans,” said Aaron.

“Did you READ it!?!”, Craig replied.

“Yes, yes. But really, a plot to eventually takeover the BBWAA?”

“Think of all the good we can do. The press even agrees they need more of us in that organization. To change it, to bring it vigor, glory-”

“Ego?”, Gleeman asked, a little bemused.

Craig waved his hand. “They already have that in spades.”

“Well I have to say this reads a little like TV tropes, ” Aaron said as he flipped over the page notes. “Votes of no confidence, secret identities, hidden budgets… clones?”. Aaron looked up a Craig. “Let’s assume for the moment I would agree to have hundreds of Gleeman clones with press badges covering baseball events, how do you actually expect to accomplish cloning?”.

Craig bit down his pipe. “I’m still working on that part…”

Hey! They did ask if they need more Craig Calcaterras and Aaron Gleemans. I suggest Craig contact the Chrichton Foundation.

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