The Lair is preparing a mission

Hey! Now we know what Craig’s been doin


The morning sun was shining brightly and infused the office with a bit of warmth. Gleeman was happily surfing the net and answering his emails before getting to the tough job of scouring the news outlets for baseball activity. Then he noticed a package in a corner of his desk. With some trepidation he opened it only to find a simple square CD envelope. The disk had writing on it:

PLAY ME it proclaimed. With a small shrug and a small sigh Aaron put the CD into his optical drive slot.
All of a sudden Craig’s face appeared on the display, sitting on his high chair, rubbing his feet on the Phanatic rug, holding a pipe spewing bubbles in his typical Braves bathrobe. Yeah, it’s gonna be one of those mornings.

“Greeting Agent Gleeman. HBT has intel that Ryan Braun may in fact, be innocent of the PED accusations lobbed against him. There is thought in our circles that there may be an MLB conspiracy to tarnish and damage this man’s reputation. However, this is only a theory. To confirm the story we must contact this man.”

The screen blipped and a photo appeared in a corner of his screen. It was Dan Patrick.

“Apparently Mr. Patrick has information regarding the innocence or culpabitlity of Mr. Braun. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make contact with Dan Patrick, determine his information sources and obtain the necessary proof of Ryan Braun’s innocence or guilt. Your team has already been assembled for you.”

More photos blipped into existence along the bottom of his screen showing D.J, Mathew, Tiffany and Drew. Gleeman rolled his eyes.

“As usual, should you or any member of your HBT team be apprehended or killed, NBC Sports will deny any knowledge of your operations. This message will self destruct-”

Aaron, had heard enough, he ejected the disk, briefly opened his window, and tossed it out the CD and grabbed a mug. He had no time for Craig’s usual shenanigans… self-destruct…

Then he heard an explosion, and car alarms started sounding off left and right. OK, that part was new…


Admit it, you would pay good money to see an episode of that. A lot of folks have been assuming for a while that Ryan Braun is guilty, guilty, GUILTY. The possibility that MLB goofed up and Braun is actually innocent has the potential to become a media firestorm as Craig noted. Regardless of the outcome in this particular case, I believe it is important that all avenues be explored and all sides to a story be heard before condemning a man of a crime. Which is pretty much why I did not jump on any of the roast Braun bandwagons. Neither did I defend him however. I’m still adopting the wait & see approach.

I suspect that even if he’s cleared of these charges Braun’s reputation is damaged for good. Witness how there are still a bunch of people calling J.C. Romero a PED user and lumping his case with Rafael Palmeiro’s or Alex Rodriguez’s. Nothing could be further from the truth. Recently J.C. Romero sued the company responsible for the product that got him that suspension and settled the case out of court. For J.C. Romero however, there was very little justice; he still got a 50 game suspension and MLB still accused him of negligence. From my perspective the punishment did not fit the crime. There was enough evidence to support that at worst Romero didn’t go the 5 extra miles MLB wants players to go to ensuring no banned substance is ingested or taken, but 50 games? Really? for trace amounts of a substance that probably did less for him than Flintstones vitamins would have done?

Back to Braun. If he is still declared guilty after all these hearings due to high levels of testosterone in his system, he’ll have only himself to blame, whether he actually took it, unknowingly took it or botched his defense hearing and was unable to prove his innocence, this stuff is serious business. It behooves the player to go the 5 extra miles.


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