The Lair takes a shot at Chief Wahoo… Again!

So Craig has a little pet peeve regarding anything racist or sexist in baseball. He did the sexist part a while back, and now the racist part!


The Craig Blimp floated above the Indian’s spring training complex. It now sported the nice logo on its tail. The massive view screen lit up on its side and the man himself was visible puffing bubbles from his pipe at a prodigious rate.

“Indians’ fans, lend me your ears”, Craig began. “How long are you going keep that caricature of a logo on your baseball team? It’s racist and quite frankly very ugly. Do baseball a favor and pressure your team into ditching any merchandise with that absurd figure. Chief Wahoo has outlived his usefulness. Oh, While you’re at it, get rid of all that pink apparel too. It’s offensive to female baseball fans, especially the shirts with such clever phrases as ‘Talent Scout’. Seriously, Mary McDonnell doesn’t approve. That will be all.”

Craig cut the connection as he settled in his high chair at the ST outpost. “That’s telling them, right Miggy?”. He turned to his side table where a Miguel Cabrera bobble-head righteously wore a tag proclaiming SI, MOTHERF÷$&ER.

“Damn right, mother- [bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep]


I neglected to post this as soon as I made the comment in HBT. Yeah well, having a newborn baby in your home will throw off your schedule somewhat…

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