The Lair sets the tone on Media (over)reaction

Today, Craig talks about the media overreacting to Ozzie’s comments.

Craig’s 71″ LED screen lit up with Tiffany’s face. She was apparently holding a few index cards. “Hi Craig, I got your messages, you wanted to add a topic for the next HBT Extra? Ozzie and the political overreaction?”

Craig was sitting in his high chair as usual puffing away bubbles from his pipe. Shifting his collar on his Braves bathrobe just a bit he explained. “Of course Tiffany, Ozzie is a fountain of great press given the sheer inanities he tends to utter. In this occasion we have reason to cut him slack due to the general media’s over-reaction. They’re almost rioting down in Miami over his Castro comments.”

“Oh I agree, they’ve gone a bit overboard. I mean yes, the comments are not good but he did apologize. They should just move on.” Tiffany reordered some of her index cards to include Ozzie’s in her batch.

“And now Rosenthal is pushing for a 30-game suspension of Guillen. Outrageous.”
Craig was now gesturing a little with his bubble pipe, as if to indict an invisible Rosenthal sitting in front of him.

“Well… anyone can overreact if you push the right buttons,” Tiffany said watching Craig carefully.

“Not me,” Craig said sitting back in his chair and propping his athletic sock clad feet up. “I’m as calm as a lake on a windless day.”

“Oh Really”, Tiffany said, her eyes twinkling with amusement. “I’ll remind you that you called in a few favors and had that poor HBT reader’s car towed and given some manufactured parking tickets for using a spring training picture to argue that Chipper Jones was in the worst shape of his life.”

Almost immediately, Craig shrank in his chair just a bit. “That’s different,” he said waving his hand dismissively. “He had it coming! He was being disrespectful to Chipper! That was basically slander.”

“Sure Craig, sure it was…”

No, I am NOT referring to that time Craig got a little miffed about Chipper Jones ST photos… what on earth makes you think I’m referring to that?


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