The Lair bemoans the Maturity of Bryce Harper

Holy Cow! It’s been a Month! I blame my three month old daughter, I’ve just been way to busy to post with any kind of regularity. Too bad because I’ve had quite a few ideas. In any case I forgot to put up the May 23rd HBT on the blog! The one that refers to the Mature Bryce Harper:


Craig was feeling smug and clever. Nothing like posting for shits and giggles. However, it didn’t have the same… feel… as before. Something was missing. He chomped on his bubble pipe and said so aloud.

“Probably because they’re stinking up the place,” said Tiffany.

Craig frowned. “Did I say that out loud? It’s true, you can only get so much joy from shooting fish in a barrel. But I’ll take my jollies when I can. But it’s getting harder. I get them properly riled up with that Harper battery quip but then the young man acts all mature and says how it’s a great place to play in and even gave a nod to the local legend. I had to shoe-horn in my post around his follow up comments to get a reaction out of the wildlife. No help from Harper at all after that.”

Tiffany replied, “Well it’s a city thing, ALL of their sports franchises have stunk since last year. Their last hope seems to be their Basketball team.”

“Basketball?”, asked Craig with a confused look on his face.

Tiffany blew air between her teeth. “Craig, we’ve been through this. It’s the orange ball that goes through a hoop to score.”

“Uh-huh,” Craig said uncertainly.

“It’s about the size of a Volleyball…”


Tiffany hung her head and sighed while Craig just shrugged helplessly with palms open, shaking his head.

Yes, this is a running gag isn’t it 🙂

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