The Lair returns from Vacation!

Hooray! Craig is back, hopefully I’ve finally come up with a schedule that will allow me to post with some kind of regularity. We shall see!


The man in the Bathrobe holding the Bubble pipe sat down in his high chair, rubbing athletic sock clad feet against the Philly Phanatic rug. His Braves 1995 Championship Team Portrait on the wall gave way to a 71″ LED screen, which promptly subdivided into sixteen sections. Each one showing a different baseball game. Of course since there where 15 games plus one double header that left one square for his right-hand hench-woman Tiffany Simons.

“Good to have you back Craig.”

“Good to be back my dear Tiffany, it’s been quite a while since you’ve graced my screen.”

Tiffany, pursed her lips. “Craig it’s only been a week…”

He jumped up from his chair. “An eternity of time – I’m sure you’ll agree – for being away from Baseball. Though I wasn’t quite away, I was able to see my product up close instead from afar. Sometimes you need to be in the trenches! But San Diego was so disappointing. Should have gone to L.A.”

Tiffany smiled. “My Angels are doing pretty good.”

Craig frowned. “I was thinking more the Dodgers, you know the DH isn’t my thing. Although they did face each other this weekend, but I was gone by then. I have to say without Matt Kemp it will be tough for L.A to keep their lofty perch on the N.L. West. They’ve truly had an atrocious last year and a half what with the McCourt saga. Hopefully new ownership steers the ship right and gives the town something to look up to.”

Now it was Tiffany’s turn to frown: “But Craig, L.A. won the Stanley Cup.”

Craig waved that off: “Big deal, who watches golf anyway? You want your team to win the World Series, not some golf tournament. Anyway what’s the team doing playing that instead of working more on their baseball? No wonder they’re 3-7 in the last ten.

Tiffany wore a perplexed expression on her face: “Craig the Stanley Cup… never mind…”

I had to go there, to good an opportunity to pass up.

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