The Lair considers Ryan Dempster

So that’s what happened to Ryan…

Craig’s strolled into his Lair, at on his high chair took hold of his bubble pipe as he watched the highlights on his 71″ LED screen. Hopefully MLB never expands beyond the current 30 teams, his 4×4 sub-display is perfect for 15 games and one conversation at the same time. After all, it’s possible to dilute the product too much!

He started reviewing notes for HBT daily as Tiffany Simons appeared on his screen once again. “Hi Craig ready for more HBT Daily?”

Craig leaned back and shook off a piece of lint on his Braves Bathrobe: “Of course my dear. Topic of the day: how the deadline deals have impacted their teams so far. I must say Dempster must improve in his next outings. Or maybe it’s the Rangers, it’s like a reverse Midas touch with every starter they sign or call up to help them.”

“I still think you went overboard when you torpedoed the deal between the Cubs and the Braves.”

Craig sat up straight. “Oh come now, a two month rental in exchange for one our finest pitching prospects in Randall Delgado? I think not. It’s a good thing I kept that access to the Braves site. I knew announcing the deal prematurely would blow up Dempster. Later on, I steered Frank Wren to a proper replacement.”

“Craig you can be evil sometimes.”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Craig exercise his powers in MLB…

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