The Lair’s Weekend Couldn’t have gone better!

A little late in posting this up:


Craig was sitting at his high Chair taking down notes from the games he saw on his 16 split screens on the 71″ LED display. There was plenty of material for today as he sat back and puffed a few bubbles from his pipe. A light on his chair indicated an incomming video call so he crossed his legs and adjusted the Braves bathrobe and the collar before answering.

“Hi Craig, have a good weekend?”, said Tiffany as her face graced one of his screens.

“The best my dear Tiffany. The Phillies fans were talking about surging and getting back into the race but my Braves administered the proper smackdown with a sweep this weekend.”

“Well my Angels got Zack Grienke, who pitched really well but had no run support.”

“Not to worry, the Angels will figure it out, Zack can’t lose all of them. Other than that an enjoyable weeked I Hope?”

“Oh, Of course, what with the biggest world sporting event now on.”

“Totally agree. Japan’s commitment has put the World Baseball Classic on firm footing. But the format really needs to be changed, so few games it’s even more of a crapshoot than the playoffs.”

“The WBC?” said Tiffany completely confused by Craig’s statement.

“Of course, the world sporting event bar none, unique with the best baseball countries of the world duking it out. I’m surprised no one thought of it before. One Sport. World Wide Tournament. Every four years, who does that?”

“Unique? Craig you do know that the World Cup is held every four years? With teams from all over the world?

Craig puffed on his bubble pipe a couple of times before answering. “Tiffany, Tiffany, I already told you Golf is the game baseball players play in the off-season, it just doesn’t compare.”

Tiffany rolled her eyes as she let the comment pass. “In any case Craig, I was referring to the London Olympics! Didn’t you watch the opening ceremony?”

“Olympics?”, Craig said looking confused.

Tiffany’s brow furrowed a bit. “Let’s just do HBT Daily shall we?”


I ended up posting this in a different place than ATH, I don’t think I’ll do that again, it’s just too jarring.

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