The Lair is also going to give Chipper a gift!

Chipper Jones has been getting gifts in his retirement tour this year

Tiffany looked at her screen from the comfort of her NBC Studio office, trying to figure out what Craig was up to now. Being Craig’s right hand certainly had perks at least. Nice office, Great Herman Miller chair. Flex hours. She wasn’t quite sure how Craig managed to obtain everything. Some days he seemed like an extra wheel, an eccentric cog that other colleagues tolerated for being great once. Other days it seemed like he ran the damn place. Today seemed to be the former.

“Shouldn’t we be focusing on HBT Extra right now Craig?” she said.

“In due time my Dear,” the voice in an empty screen replied. She sighed.

“What are you doing?”

“Every team has been honoring Chipper Jones with a gift. I can do no less. I will present Chipper with one as well”. With that, he appeared on the screen holding…?

“What’s that green thing?”, Tiffany asked squinting into her screen.

“Why, my Phillie Phanatic Rug. Chipper will need something cozy in front of his fireplace while eating some nice sausages from that grill the Brewers gave him”.

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