The Lair is watching You…

Craig posted yet another piece on the Miggy-Trout MVP War. But the highlight has to be a rare banning:

The International Space Station zipped by its usual orbit around the Earth. In the viewing lounge, an astronaut taking pictures paused to observe a funny-looking satellite the ISS happened to be close to. It started moving a short while ago into a different orbit. After a short period, small thrusters stopped the satellite’s movement. All of a sudden, it became frantic with activity as the non-descript cylinder had several doors open from its sides, revealing a slew of instrumentation and panels sticking out like a praying mantis raising its forearms. Then from the bottom jutted outward what looked to be a cannon. A great pulse of light shot out from under it towards the Earth. Then it closed all of its openings and became a silent cylinder once more…

“Craig, if you’re done smiting that internet commenter, we have more HBT Daily to do,” said Tiffany.

“Sure my dear,” answered Craig, in his usual Braves Bathrobe, puffing on his bubble pipe. “Just following up with my spy satellites. I want to get a picture of the crater I left… Now, let’s do some more Miggy-Trout comparisons!”

I wrote this by the way to the tune of Batman: Arkham City, Original Video Game Score’s track: “You Should Do What he Says”. Quite appropriate…

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