The Lair holds a Conference!

The final day of the [regular] season!


The man in the [Braves] Bathrobe moved into the brand new situation room of the Lair. A very large conference table was in the middle. The walls were decked with video monitors showing baseball in all its glory. The others were already seated at the table. Craig took out his bubble pipe from a pocket and puffed a few before sitting on his chair at the end.

“Gentlemen! Today is Game 162. With much to be reported on and exciting baseball afoot! As your blogger-in-chief I’m divvying up the stories we will focus on. I know two of our regulars usually work the weekend shift, but it’s all hands on deck for this one. Check your topics and raise any concerns you might have.”

All of them opened up the folders in front of them and took out a page. Aaron was the first to speak up. “Craig, I’m not sure about this, the Cardinals don’t really have anything to play for anymore.”

Craig looked surprised for one second and then brightened up. “Turn over your page, that’s old.”

Aaron did so. “Ooh! Bandon Inge Injury Update!”.

Matthew got the N.L. race between the Reds-Nationals. Menawhile D.J. got the American League races. Drew…

“Er, Craig, my page is blank… on both sides.”

Craig briefly stood up and proclaimed: “You will write nothing and you will like it!”

“Man, still not over that twitter question…”

“I will handle the Triple Crown and Miguel Cabrera! You have your assignments men! It’s time to go forth and seize the finale!”

“Just one question Craig,” asked Aaron. Craig looked in his direction expectantly.

“Why is your chair so much higher than our chairs?”

“Yeah, is that made out of oak or something?”

“It’s sculpted too, the armrests end into large baseballs-”

“Is that Mike Schmidt’s autograph on one of the baseballs-”

“Did you get our plastic loser chairs from Home Depot or-”

Craig rolled his eyes. It’s tough to get good minions these days…


The sharp reader will notice I’ve been paying attention this season, even if I haven’t written many posts this year. (It’s tough to keep with a 6 month old!)

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