The Lair issues an Order

Well that was fine mess in Atlanta during the NL wildcard game. Craig weighed in on the aftermath. Of course few realize Craig was to blame for that evenings shenanigans, more precisely his minions.

Friday Night: It was tense in the Lair. The Braves-Cardinals game has had some tough moments to watch (Oh Chipper what the HELL kind of throw was that?). Craig had already gone through TWO boxes of bubbles in his pipe! After a third reload he kept puffing furiously as he watched the next pitch on his 71″ LED screen. Leaning forward as Simmons took a whack at the ball. Oh no! A lazy popup. Kozma going back. Seems to have it. But wait at the last minute moves away! Was he thinking Holliday called him off? The ball dropped! Awesome- wait what-

“Infield Fly! Holbrook you fiend!,” Craig jumped out of his high chair, and immediately pressed a button on his armrest.

“Sir?”, said the nondescript voice.

“Implement General Order 66.” Craig declared ominously.

“Right away sir.”

“Craig kept watching the field as Fredi argued with Holbrook and… wait what was this? BRAVES fans throwing stuff on the field! FOR SHAME! What the heck was this. He didn’t order that! He pressed the button again:

“What the heck is that crap on the field!??”

The voice came back uncertain, “Uh, you said to implement order 66 sir.”

Craig would have pulled out his hair if still had any! “No! No! No! Order 66 is to send a strongly worded letter to Bud Selig on this abomination of a call. What I’m seeing is General Order 99!!!”

“Uh, Ok. Umm… Oops?”

Craig loves to troll Phillies fans, I’ll just point out this little incident anytime talk comes up of how rowdy and unruly the Phans can get.

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