The Lair creatively makes the trip to String Training

Hey Craig is off to ST! While I’m stuck in the middle of a snow storm in an office. Life is cruel.

Kay Adams reached the rooftop of the GE building and paused a moment before locating Craig off to one side. For once he wasn’t wearing his usual bathrobe garb and was instead wearing some kind of suit and harness. He looked like paratrooper.

“Craig this is ridiculous, I’m not even sure we’re allowed up here.”

“Don’t fret my dear. Did you get my gear?”

Kay handed off a gym bag with all the items Craig requested, including some very nice high zoom optics for observing Spring Training action. Craig made a cursory examination of the contents before nodding in satsifaction and pressing a button on a device on his harness. Kay stepped back and uttered a surprised cry as Criag’s suit popped a helium balloon with a line attached rising rapidly.

“Thanks for the help Kay, my ride is here and I must be off to Arizona and Spring Training.”

“Your ride? what ri-“, Kay asked before she was cut off by a the drone of the engines of a massive MC-130 that passed overhead, caught Craig’s balloon and snatched him from the roof before heading west.

Kay looked baffled as Craig’s figure disappeared into the aircraft. She thought flights were not allowed this close over New York buildings?

Baseball Had Arrived.


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