The Lair Conducts a Social Experiment

As I commented on this post, I believe Craig is conducting a social experiment (a.k.a. “troll”) on his readers at HBT this morning. Consider it a low level bait-within-a-bait.


Craig was grinning at his display. He was seated in his usual high chair, Braves bathrobe recently cleaned and tidy with bubble pipe at his hand. His 71″ LED digital display was already showing the baseball news of the day. Kay Adams was in one of the lower quadrants of his splitscreens going over the items for HBT daily when she noticed his expression.

“Craig! Are you even listening to me? I asked you the same question twice about Yasiel Puig and the All-Star game.”

“Hmm,” he looked up. “Oh sorry my dear, I was just conducting a small social experiment on our readers at HBT. After making puns on Twitter and ATH last night about Wang’s demotion from the Jays I purposely set up a blog post that on the surface is straightforward news but underneath has many expressions and turns of phrase that could be indecently interpreted by dirty minds. And they all fell for it beautifully. People just can’t their minds out of the gutter when presented with an easy opportunity to revel in it.”

Kay thought about it for a moment and then said: “And to think, NBC pays you for posting these things.”

Craig cracked a winning smile: “I know! It’s great isn’t it?”

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