Lair Facts

Fact #1: During the 7th inning stretch Craig’s high chair converts to a recliner and a robot hand serves him bourbon.

Fact #2: The Braves 1995 Championship Team portrait was an anniversary gift from Chipper Jones. Craig’s wife claims he bought it on eBay

Fact #3: The Braves 1995 Championship itself was Ted Turner’s wedding gift to Craig.

Fact #4: Craig only has one Braves Bathrobe and One Bubble Pipe. Accept no imitations.

Fact #5: The Craig Blimp was built in Germany and then customized by MTV and West Coast on an episode of Pimp My Ride.

Fact #6: Baseball rainouts occur when the Lair’s Weather Control Device fails. These failures are caused by Aquaman. Now you know why he is Craig’s Nemesis.

Fact #7: Craig doesn’t have wimpy sound systems like THX. He has a patented 16 speaker system that delivers the audio from the actual game to his Lair. It’s called CraigLive.

Fact #8: Once, Brian Wilson was so annoying at a charity function Craig attended that he sheared Brian’s beard off. Wilson went on the DL for six weeks.

Fact #9: There is no Dana, only Baseball.

Fact #10: Craig currently owns 273 booble-head players.

Fact #11: 19 of those are different versions of Chipper Jones.

Fact #12: Momentum is the next day’s Starting Pitcher.

Fact #13: Baseball isn’t the only sport played in the world… we think. Maybe. Not Sure. We’ll get back to you on that one.


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