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The Lair, The Phillies-Braves and The World Cup.

Man it’s so hard to keep up with these when you have tons of work and have to take care of two little babies at the same time. I barely have time to keep up on HBT. The World Cup is afoot and I live in an Italian neighborhood, so yeah you pretty much KNOW when they score and win even if the TV is off. Ah, let’s see who else has been watching World Cup Madness and yesterday’s Team USA’s epic match against Ghana:


Kay Adams turned on her display as the call to Craig went through. Craig’s bathrobed figure appeared as usual, on his high chair with the bubble pipe in hand.

“Good Morning Craig, Beautiful Day isn’t it!?”

“Meh! I guess it’s sunny outside”. Craig looked a bit indifferent to her cheerful mood, she looked carefully at the screen and noted a small army of bobble head figures. She pointed at them.

“What are those? Don’t tell me I have to categorize them.”

Craig looked puzzled momentarily and then he noticed her pointing at the bobble head figures.

“Oh these? No, heavens no. These are from the Phans. Whenever the Phillies defeat the Braves – an admittedly rare event, like a comet passing by – I usually get one or two of these in the mail. Today I got the whole roster.”

“What are you going to do with them?”

“Oh the usual.”

She cringed. “Ouch, I would not want to one of those guys.”

“Someone should check on Joe, Fredi issued two intentional walks last night in the same inning.” Craig shook his head in amazement while puffing a few more bubbles from his pipe.

Kay perked up a bit. “Well Team USA won yesterday so there’s that.”

Craig went back to being puzzled. “Team USA? The World Baseball Classic was last year and the next isn’t for another three. Is there some other tournament I missed.”

She rolled her eyes. “Craig don’t be silly. The World Cup. I know you live in a lair but you should have heard of this. No? The world Soccer tournament?.”


“You know, the sport with the ball and the net.”

“I though that was basketball.”

“No. This net is closed at the back.”

“They throw a ball into that?”

“No Craig, in Soccer you can’t use your hands.”

“Wait, What-? How do they move the ball around?”

“They kick it.”

“Kick-? Dear Lord, at least in the NFL they abuse each other, not the ball. That’s about as UN-american as putting anything other than mustard on a hot dog.”

Kay pouted a bit. “You can put other things on a hot dog.”

“Let’s get back to real sports Kay, and I’m not talking about the Gumbel show either. Chop, chop, there is tons of baseball to view and report today.”

She sighed. He could be so difficult some days.


I have no idea what the real life Kay Adams puts on her hot dogs (if she even eats them). But for our purposes, fictional Kay Adams likes to put (in addition to mustard) relish, a dash of ketchup, mayo and if she’s really in the mood for it, sprinkle some broken down bits of potato chips. Yum.