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The Lair Enters September

September! We’re in the home stretch of the divisional and wild card races, teams jockeying for position! Here’s how Craig spent his early morning in the lair:


Leaning back in his high chair, Craig adjusted the collar of his Braves bathrobe and extended a hand over to the side table. He picked up his bubble pipe, did a refill and puffed a few bubbles while perusing the various news outlets on his 71″ LED screen.

His ZuperZmartTV also had the various social apps (with customized modifications naturally) as the software pointed out interesting trends or topics of interest. Aside from the HBT community whining over his artistic license over the descriptions of some of the baseball games, not much was going on this morning.

Except of course, for a vocal obnoxious #BravesSwept tag on twitter by the self styled Phans aimed at Craig. It seems to happen at least once every September (either the Braves suck so they get smashed or they’re so far ahead they don’t care).

Naturally such insolence could not go unchallenged. Craig paused his puffing long enough to us his integrated chair keyboard to type out a response:

#BravesSwept Look at the standings Phans! There will be NO Treaty, No Vaccine and NO Playoffs for you!

He chuckled as the rabid responses were not long in coming. Now it was crunch time as the playoffs beckoned.