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The Lair counts Star Wars references

I’ve had the impression that fun little phrase has been used a lot by Craig this season. And since I like to waste time a little bit I did a casual search and found that the use has indeed gone on the rise this year. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I like it too!

Nodding in satisfaction, Craig mentally patted himself on the back for another clever post. Sitting in his high chair, Braves bathrobe elegantly tied and bubble pipe in hand he casually perused more baseball news items on his 71″ ZuperZmart LED TV.

Then he received an notification of an incoming call. It was Kay Adams. He pressed a button on his chair to open a new video call popup window on his display.

“Good Morning my dear, to what do I owe the call?”.

Kay was frowning a bit, as if trying to figure out something that made little sense. “Hi Craig, I’ve been looking over the post monitor and I flagged this for review: you seem to be using that specific Star Wars reference quite a bit lately”

“I’m positive it haven’t used it all that much.”

Craig shifted in his seat feeling a little defensive no doubt.

“Well, I have here a fully armed and operational Matt Kemp, Strasburg (twice), David Ortiz, Matt Harvey and Delmon Young. According to our statistics it’s the most use of the phrase in a season by far since sabremetric tracking commenced in 2010.”

“Big deal, so I use it often when a player comes back in a big way. I like it. Now do that search for trending baseball topics in the social sphere I asked.”


She was cut off as Craig dropped the video call. Some days he just missed Tiffany. She never would have bothered him with small potatoes.

I’ll note that I haven’t checked twitter, clearly this matter requires more time wasting consideration.